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Our experience

Maksoft is a wholesaler of promotional items and one of the biggest prodcers of printed calendars in Bulgaria. Maksoft is a leading web design company in East Europe. We have created and maintain over 100 000 web pages, and over 500 web sites with the unique Content Management System (CMS) which includes both Content Managment Tools and onSite SEO optimization. 

Maksoft has an unique alogrythms for the Search Engine Optimization (offSite SEO) and Online Reputation Managment (ORM). 

Maksoft has over 15 years of experience in print of calendars and printed materials. We are a wholesaler and importer of promotional pens, I-Pens, usb flash, lighters, keyholders, bags.

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What we do well

Принципно нов е алгоритъмът за управление на интернет онлайн репутация (ORM) и интернет PR в...
Новите технологии за оптимизация на сайт, интернет маркетинг и уеб PR внедрени в България от...
Най-новите технологии за изработка на вашите фирмени, печатни рекламни материали-  папки, брошури,...
Максофт е българска рекламна агенция с над 20 години опит в печатна, медиа и интернет реклама....
МАКСОФТ изгражда професионални интернет сайтове, с възможност за пълна поддръжка от офиса на...
Реклама, маркетинг и PR. Маркетинг и реклама. Медиа реклама. Интернет реклама, маркетинг и SEO...

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Web Design

We offer web design, programming and hosting with Content Managment System.  


We offer high quality offset printing of leaflets, posters, displays, magazines, labels, flyers,...

Promotional items

Maksoft Net is a wholesaler of promotional items such as ball point pens, ballpens, usb flash...

Realized Projects

Maksoft build professional websites with the possibility of full support from the customer's office with firm continuously evolving system of content management (CMS).

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